Frequently Asked Questions.

The main difference is the squeezing system. Ours is a patented system that is unique in the world. Our squeezing machines do not damage the peel and the juice does not flow over it at any point. This means customers get to savour great quality juice that is free of any oil or acidity.

You can squeeze oranges, lemons, grapefruit, mandarins, pomegranates and limes (check each model).

The fruit needs to be as round as possible and the right size (be particularly careful with lemons and pomegranates)

- Z1 (55-90mm) 

- Z06 (45-90mm) 

- Z14 (45-90mm) 

- Z40 (53-100mm) 

- Z10 (55-90mm) 

- ZV25 (55-90mm)

Yes. The machines are fitted with a digital counter so you can keep track of the number of oranges that have been squeezed.

We recommend they be cleaned at least once a day. Check the mechanical maintenance section in the manual.

Zummo provides a two-year warranty through our official distributors.

Our narrowest model is the Z1, which is 68cm high, 34cm wide and 39cm deep. If you do not have enough space to accommodate the Z1 we would recommend one of our freestanding Z14 models with a built-in cabinet.

If you want greater freedom we would suggest our Z14 model, which can hold 9kg of fruit in its basket, or for where demand is even higher we have a 20kg basket. It depends on the amount of juice you serve: if it is a modest amount you could use either the Z06 model or the Z1

It drops automatically into bins on the side. With the models that come with a cabinet it falls straight into larger capacity waste peel collection bins in the cabinet.

You should talk to you usual distributor. Alternatively you can contact ZUMMO and we will put you in touch with your nearest distributor.

Our main target market is the catering sector, so any business related to catering and the restaurant trade is a prospective ZUMMO customer.

  • Restaurants
  • 24h shops
  • Theme parks
  • Bars and cafés
  • Ski resorts
  • Hospitals
  • Franchises
  • Universities
  • Large companies
  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Service stations
  • Pubs y clubs
  • Function rooms
  • Airports
  • Exhibition venues
  • Bus and railway stations
  • Gyms and sports centres
  • Gas stations and service stations
  • Ports
  • Student residences and care residences
  • Theme parks
  • Casinos and bingo halls
  • Barracks
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