Z14 Nature Fresh Cabinet

Z14 Nature Fresh Cabinet
Recomended to
  • Z14 Nature is the most highly recommended option for businesses with high juice consumption. The capacity of its basket and of its peel containers provide it with great autonomy, a key factor for buffets, restaurants and the retail sector.
  • Cooling equipment
  • Tap that activates the machine
  • Waste container: bag
  • Stainless steel cabinet

Z14 JUICER with cabinet with built-in cooling system and 7l. (1.85gal.) tank.

A JUICING SYSTEM that is unique in the world. The fruit is cut in half and squeezed without the juice coming into contact with the peel, thus avoiding it being tainted with any oil or bitterness. Quality juice with 100% natural taste.

AUTOMATIC CITRUS JUICER. Oranges, lemons, limes, mandarins and grapefruit.

FRUIT SIZE: Small and large Ø 45 to 90mm. (1.77”-3.54”).
Medium Ø 55-75mm. (2.16”-2.95”) cup kit.
Large Ø 70-90mm. (2.75”-3.54”) cup kit.

QUICK AND EASY TO CLEAN. It only takes 6/7 minutes to disassemble, clean, dry and reassemble.

THE BODY of the juicer is made of STAINLESS STEEL.

AUTOMATIC FEED. Upper rotating basket holds up to 9Kg. (20lbs.) of fruit. When full it makes the machine attractive to look at.

Latest generation DIGITAL PROGRAMMER AND FRUIT COUNTER. Provides information on the machine’s operating status (via a digital display panel).

TWO FILTER OPTIONS that regulate the amount of pulp in the juice, enabling the juice to be tailored to the customer’s preference.

With 6l. (1.6gal.) TANK AND SELF-SERVICE TAP.


Stainless steel cabinet WITH BUILT-IN COOLING SYSTEM AND 7l. (1.85gal.) TANK.

Automatic start-up system activated by pressing the tap.

BUFFER BRACKETS PROTECT the machine and provide a minimum space for refrigeration airflow.


Rear wheels without brakes / Front wheels with brakes.

Technique characteristics
Voltage 230 V – 50 Hz. 220 V – 60 Hz. 110 V – 60 Hz.
Motor Single-phase 0,33 CV
Energy Consumption 275 W
Net Weight 109,5 kg
Feeder Capacity 9 kg
Tap Yes
Tank Capacity 7l. (1.85gal.) Tank with Stirrer.
Fruits per minute 16 l (2 x 8 l)
Fruits size 55-75 mm / 70-90 mm . Opt: 45-60 mm / 53-60 mm
Temperature Control Thermostat
Coolant R134A
Load 90 g. (3.2oz.) approx.
Measurements 1785 (a) x 650 (l) x 530 (p) mm
Wheels Rear wheels without brake / Front wheels with brake
Safety Hermetic compressor with thermal protection. Stirring mechanism motor with impedance protection.