Zummo´s Kiosk business model has an original and eye-catching design to appeal to the public at the point of sale. It can be customised depending on the needs of the brand, space or environment.

Ref: ZK
Technical features
300 kg
2655 (a) x Ø 2240 mm / 2655 mm (h) x Ø 2240 mm
3445 (a) x Ø 2240 mm / 3445 (h) x Ø 2240 mm
790 mm
  • Fibreglass structure

  • Octagonal-shaped base to maximise storage space at bottom of Kiosk.

  • Ample fibreglass frame

  • Base with two openings to directly install water input and output

  • Shelf on upper part of sphere

  • Electric opening mechanism

  • Access to Kiosk by two doors

  • Includes electrical system, light connections, 6 interior LEDs and water installation

  • 4 wheels (2 with brake)

Customise your Kiosk

Do you want to convert your Zummo Kiosk into an exclusive point of sale?

With the Zummo customisation service, it is possible. A specialised team will advise you on how to best adapt the design of your Kiosk to your business, taking responsibility for all its production details. You will obtain a unique, more recognisable Kiosk that will generate the greatest visual impact possible, thus translating into more profitability for your business.

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