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Restaurants with Zummo

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Where can you get the most hygienic, best tasting juice in the world? We compiled a list of some of the establishments that have a Zummo machine. Our machines have a patented EVS technology so that the juice does not touch the outer peel - and are the ONLY machines are the market capable of doing so!

Some of the establishments that have Zummo machines

  • Zest

  • Nolus

  • Chalos

  • Meraas Holding

  • Carrefour

  • Jumeirah Hotels

  • Radisson Hotels

  • Address Hotels

Want one in your hotel, restaurant or gym, get in touch with us to get access to the best juicing system in the market!

#zummo #freshlysqueezed

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